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18 Jul Aalijahsia

Hi, Alija.  How is your summer so far?  Can you introduce little bit about yourself?

Regarding my summer, indeed it is fun and I’m about to go to Boracay Island. It is located in Philippines, which I am currently staying. I’ll be there with friends, so it’s safe to say it will be fun. 🙂

I really love going to the beach or chillin’ at a swimming pool. Anything related with water actually (haha) because the calmness and relaxing feeling the water can bring is totally what I needed.  Sounds like I’m getting a lot of stress, but you can say, “Yes, I do.” I’m only 25, and the stress level is like I’m a 32-35 yrs old woman (no thingy with this age bracket, just saying).  I just recently got married, but unfortunately my husband and I have to be away from each other due to work matter. I am working at a Recruitment Officer in Dubai, but planning to quit actually (my secret which is out now, but not anymore).  I seriously love my Jon, but just felt like trying something else. It’s a life you can get a chance to explore more as long as you are well functionable and breathing. 🙂

To move from your home country, Philippine to Dubai is a huge step.  How was the transition? I bet you were cultural shocked.

Yes, moving from Philippines to Dubai is, Ughhhh because you can’t imagine. I was like starstruck how people manage to obey all things, be disciplined and get along with it. I don’t mean that my country is not, but what I mean is to be a more responsible individual as in you don’t only care for yourself, but for others as well  (doesn’t mean I’m selfish in my country). For an example, you just don’t throw candy wrappers in the car or any garbage or else the driver will get fined and a chance to tow his car, plus jail the car for some days. I remember it was my first Ramadan experience in United Arab Emirates.  In Philippines we celebrate Ramadan, but it is not the same how they are in UAE. So, it was a Ramadan month.  I was already hungry and didn’t know I could not eat publicly for even 5 minute before and after.  To be precise, I was in Dubai mall at the food court about to bite my burger when a security guy came to me and pointed his hand and said, “not allowed.”  For two seconds, I was like, “c’mon at least one bite,” and another side of me saying, “Hey, just obey.  If you don’t wanna end up in jail.”

What is your secret to a happy marriage?

A secret to a happy marriage… I guess trust and your faith with God – that’s it! With that nothing can go wrong as much as possible.

How did you fall in love with fashion?

Falling in love with fashion is like having a crush. First you just stare at it, imagine it, and slowly you will make your way to be attached on it.  See how far you can go and how everything is so worth it, and it will be.  Then eventually a simple crush will turn into Love.  An unconditional love means that you are willing to swipe all your cards just to purchase an item that you were day dreaming about (but don’t go broke just for it).  Fashion has 2 ways, either be typical mix n match person or go crazy as in buying a Dior pair and blunt it.  What I’m pointing is that fashion doesn’t necessarily mean you must be wealthy to be called “fashion person.”  You can just be less because it is more of a type of fashion person.  It’s not about the brand it’s how you carry it and give justice on it.

What does woman empowerment mean to you?

For me as a woman empowerment is to express ourselves as is and to let everyone know that every woman deserves a self worth, respect and dignity.  That women must be treated equally; that our voices must be heard.

Share one of your favorite retail in Dubai and favorite place to eat.

Best retail place for me is, Ibbin Batuta mall. Yes, it’s bit far but you can find so many shops there.  I never left the mall without a shopping bag because everywhere you go, everything is worth to look at.  Plus, my favorite seafood restaurant is there.  I highly recommend this seafood restaurant because it’s worth the petrol consumption driving to Urban seafood.  Their food is A+ plus for me, especially the shrimps in the bucket which they call it the fishermans catch. It’s worth every Dhs (Dirhams) – trust me!

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