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15 Jun A Touch of Meraki


Hi Jane.  How are you? Can you share little bit about yourself?

Hi Linda, I’m good thank you.  I hope you’ve been fine too.

Well, I’m a small town girl with big dreams.   My current job takes me to many interesting places, which pretty much makes me live in a suite case, but I love it!  When I’m back at home in Kuala Lumpur, I love spending time with my family and friends.  My mum is the major influence in my love for fashion.

How has fashion inspired you?

Fashion has always been away for me to express myself or who I am.  The way the colours, patterns, and design unfurls a vibe that relates to me in an unspeakable way.

What does confident mean to you?   and…. How has fashion made you confident?

For me confidence means believing in yourself and never allowing anyone or any circumstance  bring your spirits down.  Growing up in a multicultural country, where we  have different races and ways of life, it’s hard to stand out as each culture have prominent traits that makes them special.  Thanks to fashion, I’ve been provided an avenue to stand out and show who I am through my creativity.

Where have you traveled so far? and… what is your favorite food so far?

Wow, where do I begin with ….Truthfully, I have more time to travel around the world.  But the countries that I have traveled to is Ukraine, UK, Morocco, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.  My favourite food has to be McDonalds.  I know it’s unhealthy but yeah it’s my fave.

What is your favorite current fashion trend?

My current favourite fashion trend is anything with embroideries,ruffles and bell sleeves outfit.

What are the must have in your purse? 

My must have in my purse is definitely a lip stick.  My current favourite is Urban Decay Vice Liquid lipstick in Crimson.  Powder is also a must have where my favourite is Innisfree, No Sebum Blur Pact.  Lastly,handcream sums up the list.

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