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03 May Christina Wong

 How is the weather in Canada?

Honestly, it really depends on which province. In general, the weather in Canada has its ups and downs. Where I live, in the Greater Vancouver area, the weather is currently really cold. Spring is supposed to be here, but it’s still feeling like winter. And oh my gosh, the amount of rain that comes every single day – literally, April Showers for us! I’m honestly so ready for summer weather! I definitely feel you girl about the gloomy weather.

You are attending at University of British Columbia. What are you studying?  Do you dress fabulous while attending school?

I’m actually not at UBC – I’m studying at another college for business management! 
Yes, I always try to dress to impress (for myself, not for others) because I like expressing myself through fashion!
All my classmates know me as the fashion it-girl, haha!

 HM? Do you mean H & M ?  What do you like about shopping at H & M?

This is actually an initial for someone special. I keep it there because it’s meaningful 😉

 Why is posting pictures on Instagram so convenient for you?

For me, Instagram is not just about convenience, but it’s also a way to express yourself. People post things they’re interested in, or what their lives portray at that moment. For me, Instagram is one of the best platforms to showcase expression and freedom – you can literally post whatever you want (and as long as you don’t care who judges), and you can be happy you posted. 

 What is there to do in Vancouver? And, what about shopping?

Lot’s of stuff in Vancouver! Depends on what people like!
For shopping, I’d definitely recommend Robson St., or the biggest mall in B.C., which is Metrotown.
But Robson St. has a whole block of classy shops, a nice mall, and nice restaurants. The all-in-one picture is down that street.
In terms of sight-seeing, I’d recommend biking along the seawall, go to Stanley Park/Queen Elizabeth Park, or go to Granville Island Public Market.

 What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a way to express who I am. People have different ways of expressing themselves, whether it’s through music, photography, etc. For me, it’s all about fashion. When I wear different styles, colours, layers, trends, it’s because it’s expressing what I’m feeling, and not because I follow other people’s fashion. Sure, I look at Pinterest now and often for some inspiration, but I curate my own fashion and style but layering pieces that I feel like wearing, and going out feeling fabulous!

Instagram: ChristinaWongg

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