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31 Aug Fashion Candy Floss

(Four Seasons)

Hi Dina. Congratulation on your 5th anniversary!  You’ve been blogging for 5 years, what have you learned so far about fashion and blogging?

Thank you so much! I have learnt so many things in fashion and blogging during these 5 years. When I started my blog I was just blogging for myself. I never thought anyone would read it to be honest. But somehow people found it, and told me they liked my content. That meant a lot to me! So I have learnt that blogging can inspire a lot of people around the world and make them happy. That’s what makes me love blogging so much. When it comes to fashion I have learnt a lot about the fashion world, which I find very inspiring.

I like your style because you represent confident.  How did you get into vintage and retro fashion?

I have always loved vintage and retro fashion since I was little. I would always wear vintage and retro inspired dresses and I never grew out of it. I have tried many different styles through the years, but I changed quickly back to my vintage and retro style. It’s the style I find myself comfortable in and represents me. I especially love the vintage fashion in the 50’s and 60’s.

How did you name your blog, FashionCandyFloss?

I started my blog mainly because I wanted to create a dreamy world which I found beautiful and a place I could escape to. To begin with it was a fashion blog. I started posting outfits and fashion related articles. I take a lot of inspirations from my childhood and memories. One of my greatest childhood memories is the fun fair which came to my town every year. I would always buy candyfloss. So whenever I hear the word. I always think about childhood, pastels, dolls, vintage, nostalgic and something cute. I thought it described my style perfectly, so I combined the words Fashion and Candyfloss together and there you have Fashioncandyfloss. But today it’s more than just a fashion blog. I also share things which inspire me and art.

What kind of art do you like and what book are your currently reading?

I used to spend a lot of time in art museums, because I love different types of art. I love the thought behind the art people have created.  I don’t have one special type of art I like. I just like everything beautiful. But I have to admit that I especially love paintings with beautiful landscapes. Some of my own outfits are taken in beautiful landscapes which has a great memory to me.

I am currently reading Pride and Prejudices for the third time. I love all the books by Jane Austen. She is a talented writer

Fairytale Life Fairytale Life

What is your favorite food?

I love Mexican and Italian food

If you were to intern for anyone, who would it be?

I would love to intern for Anna Wintour at Vogue

Fashion Candy FlossFashion Candy Floss

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