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11 Apr The French Wardrobe: Candice Mel

It is never an easy choice to move away from your hometown that you grew up since childhood.  But at the same time, it is a thrilling adventure to explore a new city or even a new country that is so foreign.  To move somewhere it is an once in a life time unforgettable experience.

Candice was born and raised in France, but one day as she gotten older she decided to take a fun adventure trip to Australia.  19 hours flight later, Candice have finally landed in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.  She will be living in Melbourne for a year.  A year of fun unforgettable memories.

Candice! Bienvenue à Melbourne, Australia.  J’espère que tu profites de ton séjour!

Bonjour Candice!  How is it living in Melbourne, Australia so far? I miss Melbourne.  I wish I could go again! 

I’ve been living in Melbourne for two months. This is very far from my house in France, but I feel good about living here in Melbourne because  it is a beautiful city to live.  I will be living in Australia for one year (I hope).  I love this city because there are a lot of different style. People can wear all the clothes they want without to be judged and it is very great !

Share 5 things you love about France

First cheese ! But more seriously the fashion. I love Paris and the style there because of their famous French fashion labels.  I love to go in the South of France for holidays with my friends!  With the amazing sun and sea.  In addition, the French pastry (because I am a pastry chef) but I love so much fashion!

Moving is the hardest part because you want to take all the clothes from your closet.  Before moving to Australia, what were some of the clothes did you pack?

There are approximately 32 shoes and I am so sad because I couldn’t put everything in my suitcase before moving to Australia.  I packed some t-shits and pants, but not a lot because I want to buy many Australia clothes, while I am living here!

What do you love about yourself?

What I like about myself are my feet! Haha

I think I am a simple person.   I love to stay at my house with my boyfriend and write a post on my blog for exemple. I love to share my passion with people who loves fashion too.  Whenever my friends or my family needs me, I am there for them to listen.

What have you learned so far about fashion? In another word, why is fashion so special to you?

 What I learned about fashion in Melbourne and what is the most important?

In Australia, we can wear anything that we want.  No one will judge you.  You can have your own style and which is very great! It’s a plus for me to able to take some picture of my outfits in the streets of Melbourne.  What I learned the importance of fashion is to be yourself and to enjoy in what you do.  Wearing any kind of styles  and not having to care of what other think of you.  Lastly, the most important is you own the style and to be faithful to yourself.

The French Wardrobe

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    Thank you so much Linda for this beautiful article ❤️

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