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05 Apr From Here To Brooklyn

Hi Brooklyn. Your blog name is cute.  Just had to ask this question and I bet you get that question a lot.  Have you been to Brooklyn, New York?  

I do get this question a lot lol. But I isited New York when I was 16 and was in Brooklyn briefly. I’m going back in a couple months and may actually be staying in Brooklyn!

Being a full-time wife, a mom to your doggies and having an amazing career. How do you make time to work on your blog?  I am still working on how to balance everything in my life ( hahaa ).

My hubby is very supportive of my blogging, so most week nights he takes care of dinner for us to give me some extra time to blog! Most of my blog is worked on during my lunch breaks at work lol and on the weekends!

 What is your secret to staying fit and what motivates you to be a fitness lover? I need help in that department ( hahaa ).

I have a very fit husband who initially introduced me to health and fitness. I fell in love with my body changing and have just kept doing It since. Not going to lie though. I’ve had breaks that lasted months because I lost all desire to workout. But being in the health field I get a daily dose of what may happen if I don’t take care of my body well, so it’s a big encouragement!

 Why is black your favorite color?
I don’t know why I’m so opposed to color lol I don’t like bright colors on my fingernails or my shirts. I have an edgier style, I always have, so I guess black just fits my style the best!
You started your own blog because you were inspired by many bloggers.  Is there any bloggers you would like to meet in person?
I am obsessed with Chandler from @candidlychan. I recently purchased her e-book for editing and I love her style. She seems super cool so I’d love to meet her and hang out!
You are a shoeholic and love to sing in the shower.  First question is about the shoes.  What is your favorite top 5 shoes that is in your closet.  Second question is about singing in the shower.  What songs do you sing the most to? 

#1- my white sneakers
#2- my blue velvet sock booties
#3- all of my slide on mules (I’m obsessed with them!)
#4- My red Steve Madden heels
#5- my OTK Black gotta

I love to sing, I’ve been singing since I was a child. I grew up on Disney Channel so naturally I’m obsessed with all of the old Disney stars. I sing a lot of Demi Lovato lol she’s the best!

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