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13 Jul I’m Flying Free

Natasha! Como esta? Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hola! I am a 24-year-old travel and lifestyle blogger living in Argentina.

I just graduate from college where I study IT science, so my journey as a blogger begun less than a year ago. It all happened when my boyfriend and I broke up. I was quite depressed and I remember by that time Meryl Streep was winning her Oscar and giving her speech. There was a phrase in it that totally change me: “take your broken heart, make it into art”. That was when I decided I needed to do something with what I was feeling, so I turned my life around. I quit my 9 to 5 job, started my blog and buy a ticket to Europe.

I am leaving next month and I cannot wait to explore and discover all the world has to offer.

You recently went to New York City. One of my favorite city to visit! How was your trip to NYC?

I am so in love with New York City that I called it ‘the city of my dreams’. It is so vibrant that inspires me and makes me believe I can do and achieve whatever I want and everything will be ok. I do not know why but I have never felt that way anywhere else.

This last time I went with my younger sister and it was absolutely fantastic. If you have the chance to travel with a sibling, you should definitely do it! We did a bit of everything, shopping, museums, all kinds of restaurants and of course musicals! This time we went to see Wicked which I am completely in love with since then.

Since you enjoy traveling, is there anything you have learned so far from traveling around the world?

I think travel is a form of education itself so yes, I am constantly learning. Not only about the culture, history and architecture of the cities I visit but also about being kind, comprehensive, non judgmental and more aware of worldwide issues.

One of the trips that really moved me was when I went to Cuba with my family 5 years ago. We were in La Habana touring around and when we were deciding where to have dinner, our driver invited us to his home. We accepted so he leaved us at the hotel to go back to his home to start cooking. Then he picked us up and drove to his home.

I tried to hide the tears in my face when I arrived but I certainly could not. it really moved me to see the way he lived with her wife and daughter. I remember they even apologize for not having a proper table to have dinner and we had to eat on the floor. I could not believe that these people who lived like that spend their money and time cooking for us. After that, we put some music, the driver start singing and his wife dancing. We had the time of our lives that night and of course, the following night we invite them to a restaurant to have dinner with us.

That was when I realize I was not really aware of everything that I have. Having a table to eat is so common to me that I do not really appreciate it. And that kind of lesson is what I think it can only be learn from travelling.

When you travel, what are the must have when packing?

That is a really tough one because I am a disaster regarding packing. I always try to travel light but somehow it seems impossible and everything turns a must have.

But I will say that my camera to document everything, a good playlist on my phone, a book for the plane and of course, my travel diary.

You live in Argentina. What are some great places to eat, go shopping and good places to visit.

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. There are lots of amazing places to visit like Caminito and el Tigre, and activities to do like take a tango lesson, eat a choripan in La Costanera. One of my favorite places to go shopping is Palermo because there you can find from top local brands to vintage stores and local designers.

Buenos Aires always has something to offer and because of that people use to call it ‘the city that never sleeps’ like New York City.

On Instagram you wrote, “ To Travel is to live.” What does that mean to you?

“To travel is to live” is one of my mottos in life.

I think that when you are doing something you are truly passionate about you feel more alive than ever, and that happens to me every time I travel. The world is endless and there is always something new to discover, staying in one place would be a stupid thing to do.

That is why I always encourage all people, but mostly women, to do whatever they feel passionate about. To close their eyes, leap and pursue their dreams because life was meant to be lived and that is what we all should do. By traveling, cooking, painting or dancing, it does not matter how, as long as you feel passionate about it.

I’m Flying Free


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