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02 Nov In Betweenie

(Grid Culotte and Rosa Trench)

Hi Giulia.  Can you introduce yourself to the readers.

Hello everyone, Hi Linda! I’m Giulia, currently 24 years old from Cologne. I work as a graphic- and communications designer and my blog is called – for everyone who don’t understand german, „Grinsebacke“ describes a Person who laughs very much and is in a good mood. So thats me <3

Why did you name your blog, in betweenie?

An „inbetweenie“ is someone who stucks in-between the normal clothing range and Plus Size. With a size 44/46 (EU) I am a typical Inbetweenie Girl (Inbetweenies often can be found from Size 40-48 EU/10-18 US/12-20 UK). Edith Dohmen is the one, who puts the word in the right place first.

You are from Germany. What are some great places to eat, shopping and non tourist?

Here are my – non tourist – Tips for cologne, because this place I know best:

* If you like Burgers, go to „die fette Kuh“.
* Delicious turkish food can be found at “Bona’me“ or on the „Keupstraße“ – this Street has so many options.
* And if you want something healthy, go to „The Great Berry“ – beautiful small Place with Smoothie Bowls and lot of fruits.
Or you can check out my board at Pinterest:öln-café-bar-fooood/

* For shopping tours with little, lovely Shops I recommend the „Belgische Viertel“ and the „Ehrenstraße“. If you like Malls, go to the „Köln Arcaden“. But the touristic streets „Hohe Straße“, „Schildergasse“ and „Breite Straße“ are always worth a visit, I also go shopping there – but not at the weekend.

Your outfits are so stylish.  Do you plan your outfit of the day a day before or figure it out on the day of?

Thank you! 🙂 For the most part, I plan my Outfits the evening before wearing it, so I can sleep longer in the morning 😀

Fashion is about being confident.  How do you define self-confidence?

Thats a big thing, especially if you haven’t got a „topmodel figure“. I want to show that you can be confident at any size. So my definition of self-confidence is to be pure with oneself, to stand for oneself and to be happy – that won’t happen overnight. To put it all together I like this quote: A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Who is your favorite designer?

I’m not that into designers, but I like Marc Jacobs and the dresses of Alexander McQueen and Balmain.

Giulia: In Betweenie

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