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09 Apr Jasmine Monee

Hi Jasmine.  Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I run a blog called JasmineMonee.com. I call it a melting pot blog because I really do, do everything. I didnt want to put myself in a bubble..I feature Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, Arts and Crafts and all other areas of Lifestyle.  Alot of people ask where I get the “Monee” from and its actually my middle name which is actually spelled Mone’.

I checked out your blog, and I must ask you, where do you shop at? I love all of your sense of style! I definitely need to update my closet! 

So, I am all about bargain shopping. I do have those key brand name pieces but for the most part I bargain shop. Sale treasures-mostly and thrifting..all of the above and the below. When I shop I tend to go for the pieces that most seem to stray away from. I am all about living a life of color and really find myself drawn to unique pieces, including shoes! There are pieces that may look crazy to some but I see the “vision”. You can always mute the crazy with more neutral colors, or style them up with other patterns and prints

When it comes to fashion, what inspires you?

Being bold. I follow alot of inspirational bloggers who inspire me to think out of the box. I have pretty much worked in retail for the majority of my life and have just always enjoyed fashion/styling and taking those bold statement “crazy” pieces and making something out of nothing. I love getting inspo from other bloggers who have the same way of thinking in terms of being bold but may style or put a twist on it, that is out of the box for me or that I may have been too afraid to do.

If you were attending a fashion week show, who do you want to sit next to and why?

Hmmm…I am not sure. I really like @NicoleLynel on instagram. We have similar styles, but I am not really sure. Anyone I guess. *In my mean gir voice** You can sit with me!

What are some great things to do in Dallas and eating?

Well, I am defintiely a home body..its the introvert in me. BUT when I do go out I love to be outdoors. Walking-getting some fresh air with my pup, Fitzgerald or going to Klyde Warren Park in Uptown Dallas and listening to live music on the lawn and grabbing a bit to eat at the food trucks..magical. I love artsy hangs such as museums and lounges with live music. As far as eating goes, environment is key for me. Its all about the aesthic. Good Food + Chill Vibes = happiness. Sushi spot, RA Sushi is pretty good, Mexican, Torchy’s Taco’s is amazing. Their tacos are so unique..i.e my fave Brushfire (jamaican jerk chicken with mango bits? yes, please.) Street Taco’s, if you come to dallas you have to try Fuel City tacos. These are fresh out of a gas station kiosk and they are the best street tacos I have ever tasted. These are pretty basic options compared to all eats in Dallas, but those are just a few regulars for me.

What do you love about yourself?

Hmm…Narcissistic much? LOL This is difficult. I am not sure if I can name one thing. This would have been a pin pointed answer given 3 years ago but as of now, where I am in life, I can’t say I love just one thing. I love everything about me. #selflove We all are not perfect but I love me, flaws and all and I think that’s easier to say given the characteriztics I hold. My heart is big and my intentions are always good.I  can push myself and dig myself in hole or to the top of a mountain. I love my whit and sass, hothead and my sensitive mush. I am a go getting, can’t stop won’t stop, nurturing, ball of fire. Its all about growth…Learning from our mistakes and growing from them. I have spent alot of time by myself, which sounds lonely but I actually enjoy my own company. I mean yes- I also enjoy hanging with my family, friends and I do have a boyfriend of 3 years but I have to say spending time alone is my favorite. You really get to know yourself and I think that’s an important key to loving yourself.

Jasmine Monee

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