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07 Jun Lenger


Hi, Thibault Boullenger, can you introduce little bit about yourself?

I founded Lenger 4 years ago while living in New-York with the idea of creating essential & high quality objects with a minimalist approach at a fair price. I first worked during the weekends on it in order to slowly discover the fashion industry and how to create a brand. This year, I came back to Paris, my hometown, and felt, along with the small team working on Lenger, that we could push it further with this big project : the sneakers!

I saw your website.  That is love, dedication and looks luxurious without having to spend so much money on the shoes (which is totally awesome).  What inspired you to design shoes?

We’re first very inspired by Scandinavian fashion! It’s something most of us see them wearing with different outfits and this is why we think it’s super cool.

Also, it makes sense to do those type of minimalist designs so it completes the other side of Lenger, the “affordable luxury” because we need to sell in quantity to exists and the less we have the more we’re appealing to different groups of people

What made you want to start Kickstarter campaign?

What we learnt is that we can’t provide ‘affordable luxury’ following the traditional business model in the industry. We had to come with the something new, and starting with the crowdfunding campaign is a good start.

First, it took a lot of time to understand the industry, how things are done, what makes a good of quality, how the retail system works, etc. Then we decided we could cut most of 2 enormous budgets: logistics & retailers. By doing pre-orders on Kickstarter, we don’t stock, or keep unsold inventory and ship everything at once. Also, we sell 100% online and talk directly to people so we don’t need marketplaces, or retailers. Those 2 points allow us to offer affordable high quality products.

Anyone you would like to collaborate in the future?

We would like to build a sustainable brand before collaborating, so that we’re sure we understand what people wants first!

When you are not focusing on your shoes, what do you like to do for fun?

I cook.. because I’m french I guess?!

How did you come up with the name of your shoe brand, Lenger? 

It was short and sounded a bit french but not too much. It was also easily pronounceable in english, which was important if we want to become international!

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