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28 Feb Madame Schischi

Can you introduce yourself to the readers?
I am Katie, a twenty-something girl from Germany living with my little dog Chloe and my fiancé Florian. We are going to marry this September and I couldn´t be more excited. I am working at an real estate office and doing all the paperworks there. I am line dancing in my spare time I love it. 
How did you get into the blogging world?
I started blogging cause I am a huge admirer of all the other fashion ladies. I always was into fashion, got the best dressed button in my class and always was asked for style advice. Also I always had been into trends and am religiously reading the high fashion magazines. About a year and a half I decided to create my own blog cause I needed something creative beside my day job which is the same every day.
 What is your daily blogging schedule like?
I don´t really have a daily blogging schedule since I am working Monday – Thursday. We are shooting most looks on Saturday and Sunday. I am editing my pictures all at once and I am finishing the upcoming post the night before. I am usually one week ahead cause you never know how the weather is going to be and if there is enough time to get enough content. 
 Where is a good place to go shopping in Germany?
I am a huge online shopper but there are definitely good places to shop. All the big cities I went so far are amazing to shop for. Munich is great but if you want a less crowded alternative Nuremberg is awesome. Also the old city of Regensburg (close to where I life) is awsome to shop. There are so many little shops along the coblestone streets with extraordinary pieces. 
 Congratulation on being a homeowner.  How is the decoration coming along so far?  Does your house have a theme ( eg., modern, rustic, ) ?
Thank you. We are almost done. I have been saying this for about six months but now it finally is the truth. I  really do have a theme. First of all the floors and walls are all white or light grey since I wanted it bright from inside and outside with lots of windows. Most of our pieces are vintage style or shabby chic style with a modern twist. Our coffee table or dining table for example has used wooden finish. But I also love a modern twist. Totally into everything silver and mirrored at the moment. 
Is there one outfit you can see yourself wearing often and mix and matching with the same outfit?
Since I am not a pant girl I opt for a skirt to 99%. I love styling my skirts with a basic shirt and a cool jacket – like a colorful denim jacket or a utility jacket – and a pair of heels or sandals.
These are pieces I go for quality and I love mixing to other looks all over again.
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