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02 Nov In Betweenie

(Grid Culotte and Rosa Trench) Hi Giulia.  Can you introduce yourself to the readers. Hello everyone, Hi Linda! I’m Giulia, currently 24 years old from Cologne. I work as a graphic- and communications designer and my blog is called - for everyone who don’t understand german, „Grinsebacke“ describes...

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31 Oct The Kiran Dani

(Jumpsuit) Hi Kiran. You are an optimistic girl. What is your secret staying optimistic? Hello Linda. Even though I'm just 21 years old, they have been many things I've faced in this short period of time. Things like being judged by people day and night, worrying about...

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09 Jun Just Goh With It

(Totally Tassled) Hi Charlene.  Last month, you went to Coachchella. I bet it was an epic weekend.  How was it? And, what was your favorite part of Coachella?  Coachella is my favorite music festival of the year! This year was amazing because we had a group of close friends...

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