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06 Dec Taiara Desirée

Hi Taiara. Happy December! What is your favorite thing about the month of December?

Taiara Desirée – Hi Linda, first thank you so much for the invite, it´s a pleasure to participate on this interview at Wear My Fashion Magazine. I love the magic of the December, it’s a beautiful month, full of peace, and a time when people share more love and good vibes. Is a month of gratitude and time to celebrate the conquests throughout the year, it´s amazing. The expectations and plans for next year excite me a lot. I love to plan and see my dreams coming off the paper.

You have such an amazing resume. You are a fashion blogger, got to experience living in the states, and a fashion columnist, just to name of few. How did you get to achieve your amazing dreams?

Taiara Desirée – Wow, thanks for your words. I never give up on my dreams and I believe that I still can share good things for the world through my work. I have much faith and I know that everything happens at the right time. I try to give my best in everything I do. Working with love is very important to the realization of our dreams.

Noticed on your blog, you were on live TV. Being on live TV can be very nervous. What is your secret of being confident and doing well on live TV?

Taiara Desirée – My secret to being well and confident on live TV is first know the subject that will be exposed and speak in a natural way, no thinking there are a giant audience watching you. I try to feel comfortable with the presenter and share the best information. I’m also very communicative, I think it helps a little.

What are some great things to do in Brazil?

Taiara Desirée – The Brazil is an amazing country, continental, warm and full of good vibes, there are many beautiful places to know, the cuisine is very diversified, each region has its wonders. I was born in João Pessoa, a coastal city and the easternmost of the Americas, in other words, where the sun rises first in the entire American continent. Running enjoying the sunrise at 5am, is fantastic!

 Christmas shopping can be stressful, what are some great gift idea to give to friends and family?

Taiara Desirée – I love giving gifts, I like different and cool gifts that combine with the person. These are always my choices.

 What motivates you?

Taiara Desirée – What motivates me are my dreams and the desire to help people realize their dreams, uping their self-esteem and helping to build good personal image with fashion, beauty and style tips. I like to see happy people and I share quality information to help them build their own best styles.

Taiara Desirée

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