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19 Dec The Silver Mermaid

Hi Katie.  How is your Christmas shopping so far? Are you enjoying the Christmas festive?

Hi Linda. I think I’m nearly done apart from some stocking fillers. Been so unorganised this year, it’s come around so so FAST! Yeah I do enjoy the Christmas festive period, but I work in retail, also alongside my blog so I feel I can’t enjoy it as much. Joys of retail ha.

  The silver hair looks good on you.  Have you thought about dying your hair color again to something different?

Thanks so much I love being silver. Hmmm I have…like I love the toners you can get such as rose gold or violet and because my hair is white it would take really well. But I am just not brave enough and I don’t want the colours to then clashing with my outfits.

You work for H & M as a flagship visual merchandiser.  What do you do as a visual merchandiser?

 Yes I do! I am a visual deco/stylist merchandiser, so I am responsible for mannequin styling and windows. So I am purely picking mannequins and window outfits, prepping and ironing them. But because I work in a flagship store we sell out of things very fast so I am then reacting and prepping new outfits for whatever stock that was previously on a mannequin or in a window so that is available for the customer. I’m a pro at ironing ha!

Just recently it came out in the news that next year new ‘IT’ color is going to be ultra violet.  Can you see yourself wearing different shade of purple? I think you will look great wearing purple!

 Ohhh is it that’s interesting! I have started to see this colour starting to come through already at work. Yeah I love purple but I think I would prefer more of a lilac shade, as it goes with my hair better. But then to be honest I have tried a lot of different colours this year that I wouldn’t normally go for, so I will more than likely be wearing it.

  Please share your top three favorite Christmas songs.

Top 3 favourite Christmas songs? I like the ones by Michael Buble, like ‘Its Beginning to Look a lot like Christms’ and ‘Jingle Bells’. Like who doesn’t love a bit of Buble. Then maybe ‘Let it snow let it snow’ by Dean Martin.

If you were to meet any kind of celebrity, who would it be and what is the first question would you want to ask him or her?

 If I was to meet a celebrity I think it would have to be the beautiful Toff from Made In Chelsea who has just won, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I just love her energy and her smile is infectious! I would just ask her where her favourite places to shop are as she is always in the cutest outfits and shopping in all the little boutiques in Chelsea.


The Silver Mermaid


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