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31 Oct The Kiran Dani


Hi Kiran. You are an optimistic girl. What is your secret staying optimistic?

Hello Linda. Even though I’m just 21 years old, they have been many things I’ve faced in this short period of time. Things like being judged by people day and night, worrying about my weight, acne problems, studies. These are few problems which are faced by almost every girl around the world. But it is necessary for us girls to change our outlook towards it. I’m not saying that I was always positive. I’ve been into depression and stress due to this. Might seem like a small deal to other people but the person who faces these problems understands the pain. I’ve stumbled upon many times but because of my mother, who has always been a pillar in my life,I pulled myself together and fought hard. I stood up and learnt lessons from all these instances. I pushed myself every time I fell down and that is why I had the confidence to put myself out to the world through blogging. My ups and downs and my struggles have always kept me optimistic and that just pushes me ahead.

What is fashion like in Mumbai, India?

Just like our country is known for it’s diversity, the fashion in our country as well as Mumbai is diverse. There are no boundaries when it comes to fashion. People can wear whatever they wish for. Either just casual jeans and tee or something traditional like salwar kameez. But we do have a few rules and regulations related to dressing up at few places. For example: At Holy places like Temples, girls can’t wear shorts or sleeveless. It’s preferable to wear something ethnic. Even in colleges and universities, girls are not allowed to wear shorts and tank tops.

My Style

My Style

Why does fashion make you happy?

I wasn’t always into fashion. When I was younger I was a complete tomboy. I would run away from anything with frill and pink. But as I grew up and started watching more movies, reading magazines and also accompanied my mother for shopping, I discovered that this is an amazing way to describe my personality.Being a shy and introvert girl in Mumbai, it becomes difficult to express yourself if you don’t talk and get along with people easily. So fashion for me is expressing myself and show casing my personality and creativity.

Few months ago, you attended Rakshabandhan Festival.  Can you sharewhat Rakshabandhan Festival is.  You mentioned, girls do not repeat the same outfit, why is that?

Rakshabandhan is a festival which is celebrated by every Indian household. This festival celebrates the beautiful relationship between a brother and his sister. The sister ties a thread which is known as rakhi on her brother’s wrist and prays to God for his well being and in return the brother promises to stand up for his sister and gives her a gift or money.

Denim Day

Denim Day

Can you share cool few things about Mumbai, India?

Apart from being the fashion capital of India, it is known for Bollywood. There are tons of options for entertainment. Also the street food like samosas, wadapavs, dabelis, pav bhaji in Mumbai is to die for. Mumbai is not just all about the skyscrapers and the things shown in slumdog millionaire, there is so much history preserved in the heart of Mumbai in the form of Gateway of India, Elephanta caves.

You are into beauty. What are the main products you use daily for your face before putting make-up on?

For me, skincare is everything. I faced acne for many years and after getting the right treatment and using the right products, I can now say I won my fight over acne. On a day to day basis I prefer not to apply any makeup. Just a good moisturizer and sun screen and I’m good to go. After washing my face with the Cetaphil gentle cleanser, I immediately apply Humiderm. It is a great moisturizer for combination to oily skin as it is extremely moisturizing, weightless and oil free. Later I apply the Neutrogena sun screen. Irrespective of the weather or the time of the day, sun screen is a must. My last step involves the body shop lip balm because not only our skin is in dire need for moisture but our lips are as well.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning

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