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11 Jul Two Bijou

Hi Jos and Barbie. When I went on Two Bijou website, first thing I heard was music. I love that you girls have music in the background. It boost the mood aka happy! Good choice! I almost forgot in Australia is winter. Since it is winter, if you girls had the chance to escape to a different country, where would it be?

Both – Thank you! The music comes from the YouTube video featured on our blog from this years Fashion Week in Sydney! We also love that song haha, so we’re glad it’s helping boost moods!
J – Definitely New York at the moment or St Tropez (I’ve always wanted to go there, it looks so beautiful)
B – I would love to be laying by the sea on the Amalfi coast right now.

How did you come up with Two Bijou?

Both – The idea for the name definitely stemmed from Barbie! We threw a lot of name ideas around, and she suggested this one and it just stuck! Bijou also carries a meaning of “Elegant & Jewel” in French which we both love!

How do you girls know each other?

Both – Barbie has been dating my cousin Matko for 6 years now! And I’m dating Matko’s best friend. Which is excellent as we have constant double dates haha! Our love for fashion and having the same vision has definitely made us grow closer!

How do you girls plan/coordinate outfits together? Do you girls plan ahead of time, go based on mood, current trend/season, or…?

Both – We usually co-ordinate our outfits (for our blog posts) based mostly on current trends as well as season! We do like to mix in staples and everyday pieces with a lot of current trend pieces! Sometimes we think we’re almost Siamese twins, most of the time we’re buying the same thing without even knowing haha!

I miss and love Australia. If I had the chance, I would want to move to Australia. The Australian people are so nice and so clean! Share one of your favorite places to hang out in Melbourne.

J – My favorite places are the cool and alternative bars and colorful streets in Fitzroy!
B – Melbourne has some pretty cool rooftop bars with beautiful views of our city so i’d recommend any of them.

What are your goals in the next few years for Two Bijou?

J – Studying the business side of fashion, I’ve always had dreams of owning my own business (preferably online) so in terms of that, my goal would be to start an online store or label. I was signing myself & Barbie up to attend Fashion business seminars and eventually told her what I thought would be best for our blog, and she completely agreed! This is still in the very early stages of planning, and will hopefully be happening within 2+ years! So definitely keep an eye out!

Two Bijou

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