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16 Apr Welcome to Wear My Fashion

Hello Fashionistas ~

Welcome to our first post!  We are so excited to share the love of fashion!!!

 You probably thinking, what does “Wear My Fashion” mean?  Looking at the title, searching for clues, you find the answer lies within the question.  My friend and I decided to create a fashion blog that focuses on you, which is different for each individual. Instead of focusing on a particular trend, we emphasize on you, the reader, as in women, men, kids, pre-teen and teenagers.  You are our clients, readers, and bloggers all in one.   Fashion bloggers will have more exposure, readers will get more ideas.

In addition, we will also be talking about hairstyle, beauty products, accessories, jewelry and many more!  Instead of going on multiple sites to look for certain look or style, this sites will help you save time and energy.  You just click,click,click!

Each person has their own distinct style and personality, and makes it more fun and interesting!!!  There is a saying, “History repeats itself”.  Fashion is the same, but with a twist.  It is about mixing vintage with the latest trends. It is not the brand names that make one look good, but it is about expressing in what you are wearing and making you feel comfortable in your own clothes.

I hope you guys follow us and love us.


Always feel fabulous, be confident and love it!

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